My next door neighbor is a Mary Kay National manager and she holds regular meetings at her home. They're always during the day, so I never see them, but I've been told that the cul-de-sac is positively filled with various pink and red cars.


Saturday must have been a special day. She had a number of managers over, all driving red Grand-Ams. Eight red Grand Ams in all. I believe these are gifts to high-producing managers (ie: they are rewards, not punishments). They all have little Mary Kay emblems on them.

So, I arrived home from the gym with my very black S4s amid a sea of very red Grand Ams. What's a geek with a digital camera going to do?

After a few minutes, my neighbor stepped outside. The others had noticed someone outside taking pictures and wanted to know what was up.

I assured her that I was only amusing myself. I'm sure she thinks I'm weird.