GoJaks Wheel Jacks

Look at that nasty oil stain.
I'll never get it all up.

I love these things. Just roll one up to the wheel, flip a small lever (not visible), then step down on the larger lever a few times to lift it up off the ground. If you have four, put one at each corner and you can push a car all over the garage. Thanks to them, I can easily stick a 3rd car in the back of our 20X25ft garage and park two more cars normally. They are also extremely handy if you just need to lift a low car up a few inches. A set of four was $540 from JC Whitney.

A word of warning. If you order from JC Whitney, you get the 5000 model, which has a 9.5" roller (from memory) and doesn't fit on the 245mm wide tires on the back of an S4/S4s. You really need the 6000 model, which has a 13" roller. I've seen these advertised by Griots Garage. That said, you can use the 5000 model on the wide tires but the tire ends up on the frame of the jack itself.

This is how you use garage
space to maximum effect.