The nj.* Usenet Hierarchy

nj.* is the regional hierarchy for New Jersey, USA. This hierarchy is for discussion among people in New Jersey, and for discussion about New Jersey.


I (Jeremy Nixon) am the administrator of the nj.* hierarchy. I took over the position in July of 1999; there was no previous administrator.

My role as hierarchy administrator is limited to maintaining the namespace, sending control messages, and other technical duties. I claim no authority over the posters in the hierarchy. Please do not email me about trolls, spammers, or other newsgroup abusers; I have no special authority to stop them. It is my fondest (if optimistic) hope that the hierarchy can be self-regulated by its users.

The official contact address for hierarchy administration issues is


There are no special rules for the nj.* hierarchy. The general rules of the Big 8 apply. Thus, spam in excess of currently accepted thresholds is subject to cancellation. Spam below this level, while not subject to cancellation, is still considered abusive and may be grounds for action by the poster's ISP or usenet provider. There are no binaries groups in the nj.* hierarchy. Binary files may not be posted to any nj.* groups.


The nj.* hierarchy is distributed to Usenet at large, and as such should be available on your ISP's news server, or at your Usenet provider. If it is not, they should be able to add the groups with no trouble. Your news administrator can obtain the current list of groups from this site.


The current group list is as follows:

Group creation

There is no formal procedure for creating new groups. New groups can be proposed in nj.config. If a consensus is reached, and a charter is written, I will send the appropriate control messages.

Information for news admins

Checkgroups messages will be sent monthly, or more frequently if necessary. Newgroup and rmgroup control messages will be sent as appropriate. All control messages will be sent under the address I am not yet set up for PGP authentication of control messages.

Distribution of the hierarchy is not restricted. It is fed to the Usenet backbone, so you should be able to get the hierarchy from your upstream feed and/or peers. Anyone is free to carry the hierarchy, inside or outside the state of New Jersey.

There are currently no moderated groups in the nj.* hierarchy.

Group list in checkgroups format.

Suitable entry for control.ctl.

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