Cleanfeed - Spam filter for Usenet news servers

I am no longer maintaining the Cleanfeed code. Development is currently being handled by Marco D'Itri.


The latest version of Cleanfeed can be downloaded from Marco's site. It includes improvements I made over my last release, as well as significant improvements and code restructuring he did.

The last release I made can still be downloaded here. While it still works, it is getting a bit old and can have some trouble keeping up with a full feed at today's volumes.

What is it?

Cleanfeed is a spam filter for Usenet transit servers. It scans the incoming newsfeeds for spam and tells the server to reject any it finds. It can also block binary posts in non-binary newsgroups, HTML posts, and other such nonsense.

Posts from local users will pass through Cleanfeed before being posted. However, it is not intended as a solution for local spam control.

Cleanfeed is written in Perl, and can be used on servers running INN, Diablo, Cyclone, Typhoon, Twister, Breeze, or DNews. You should have the Digest::MD5 Perl module installed, which is available from CPAN. It is released as open-source software under the Artistic License.

If you have questions, consult the FAQ.

Jeremy Nixon - updated 16 August 2002 Filtering by Cleanfeed