Status Of This Project

When I wrote my now-famous little essay Why yEnc Is Bad For Usenet, I got a lot of email from people on both sides of the issue. Most of the ones disagreeing with me said something like, "Hey, yEnc works now, and you're wrong - if something better comes along everyone will switch in a second, but there isn't anything, so if you think it's so bad, why don't you come up with something better?" (Well, okay, most of them weren't nearly that polite, but that was the message.)

So, half-convinced that I might be wrong (and hoping that I was wrong), I did exactly that. I came up with something better. And, disappointingly, got very little email about that, relatively. Almost no feedback from other Usenet technical people. Messages of interest from newsreader authors, with promises of feedback but no followup whatsoever. No evidence that anyone, at all, ever looked at the sample code. No one interested in pursuing it. And, accounting for most of what people have sent me, quite a few messages saying, "Why in the heck should we care about this? We have yEnc, and it works. No way I'm going to switch to something else now, after just switching to this."

So, since I seem to be the only person who actually wanted to improve things, and yEnc seems to have eliminated any chance of that happening, and I don't even actually use the binary groups, I just don't see the point in spending my time on this. I am, therefore, not currently working on this project at all.

I suppose I should take comfort in the fact that I was right. But I really didn't want to be.